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The Podcast

Feb 28, 2022

On this episode of The Dr. Cloud Show:


Question: Is it possible to rebuild trust with someone who has a personality disorder, like BPD, a learning disability like ADHD or some other developmental disability?


Question: As it relates to follow-through, who is the "irresponsible" one if we keep accepting checks from the repeat "bouncers?" Is it the person who accepts the check, or the person who writes the check that bounces?


Bethany's 22 year old daughter eloped. She got upset because she gave her daughter money for the wedding that never took place. She's had minimal contact with her daughter since. How can she fix this? She doesn't want this division.


Christina is engaged. How does she know if she should give up or needs to keep trying in her relationship? He's controlling, jealous and he's using religion to to control her. Is this something they can work through? 


Shirley wants to get along with a difficult son-in-law. He is always right, and always has the right answer. Things are not open for discussion. How can she get along with a person like this?


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