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The Podcast

Mar 2, 2023

What is the psychology of becoming yourself? How is your identity formed? This is a deceptively layered question related not only to your past, but to your present and future. There is a concept here that’s important to understand: your true self, and your false self are not the same. We all understand who our true selves are, but our false selves are that person we show to the world out of fear, insecurity, or lack of understanding where we fit in. Sometimes, we lose track of who is who. Dr. Cloud delves into our need for acceptance, and love of who you truly are. We need to feel loved, not from within ourselves, but from outside ourselves in order to start the process of getting to our true identity. Are you so hung up in your past that you can’t get to the “why” of your life? This highlight will help you see where that “why” might be hiding.


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