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The Podcast

Oct 28, 2022

In celebration of 5 years of Boundaries.Me, we are hosting an open house October 17-31! All of our courses, coaching, and community are available for free during this time, with no credit card and no purchase required. Visit to join us.


In this highlight from the show, Dr. Cloud talks about one sure fire way to ruin relationships: Fairness. Why would fairness ruin all of our relationships? Because it requires perfection, and none of us can live up to that. This applies to all of our relationships, not just our closest relationships. We must give grace to get grace. To improve problematic situations in relationships we have to rise above the issues and find solutions or we’ll only make things worse.


Dr. Cloud's next workshop is called The Path. The Path is a life-changing online workshop that will teach you how to accomplish anything from New Year's Resolutions to your daily goals to your biggest and boldest dreams. If you can't attend live, don't worry, you can stream the recording as much as you like. To find out more about it go to


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