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The Podcast

Mar 29, 2022

In this special edition of the podcast we're focusing the spotlight on anxiety.


Dr. Cloud talks about the difference between a gut instinct protecting us from danger, and anxiety preventing us from doing what we should.


Darlene has anxiety. What can she do to change her mental dialogue that leads her to anxiousness?


Erin needs help with her anxiety around her parents. They fight all the time. How can she embrace the anxiety she has when she's around them? How can "Decatastrophizing" the situation ahead of seeing time help ease her anxiousness?


Breanne is realizing that she's a people pleaser. It's a defense mechanism to combat her social anxiety. How can addressing past trauma play a role in reducing her social anxiety?


Dana has long had anxiety and fears about being hospitalized. In the face of Covid, many of those fears are no longer irrational.  How can we deal with anxiety that's not based on irrational fear?


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