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The Podcast

Mar 23, 2022

On this episode of The Dr. Cloud Show:


Question: According to my spouse, I'm struggling with balancing priorities in my marriage. We both work and I spend my free time on the golf course. This seems to create conflict in our marriage. I only play on the weekend. How can I balance work, golf, and my marriage?


Question: Our daughter and her boyfriend have been dating for two years. They met in college. Both of them graduate in May with mechanical engineering degrees. They're discussing marriage. We suggested they wait just another year, but they are sure they want to get married. We're being supportive. How much say should we have in this?


Victoria is having trouble succeeding in career pursuits. She's reading books that are giving her lots of different things to prioritize. She's having trouble identifying the obstacles and causes of her negative thinking.


Question: I'm struggling over my feelings and thoughts of an ex-boyfriend. It's been a long time since we stopped seeing each other, but I can't stop thinking about him. How do I stop ruminating?


Question: How do you handle someone who tries to use guilt to manipulate you? When I try to address it, they won't listen to the hurt it causes me. Instead, they turn it back to how they are hurting.


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