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The Podcast

Mar 21, 2022

On this episode of The Dr. Cloud Show:


Question: How do you separate being a helpmate to your spouse versus being an enabler? How can you let them own their responsibilities and help them with kindness and love?


Anne is in couples counseling. Her counselor wants her to validate some pretty crazy feelings that her husband is having. It makes her uncomfortable. How can she balance out participating and boundaries?


Question: How can I have more balanced friendships? I tend to be the listener all the time and attract people that have no true interest in my stories. I feel used.


Jennifer had a six year relationship end because he was afraid her daughter would falsely accuse him of inappropriate behavior. How can she move on and process the loss?


Question: I have been on a healing journey from CPTSD and the Holy Spirit has been so present in all of it. How do I set myself free from feeling like I need to go back to relationships that were so unhealthy?


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