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The Podcast

Feb 24, 2022

On this episode of The Dr. Cloud Show:


Question: What's the best way to change the narrative with a person who disguises control and manipulation as helpfulness and advice? I've run out of ways to say "no thanks!" and they won't stop!


Sarah has been processing her codependent ways and making real progress. How do can she get back to a "baseline" and what does that look like ? How can she become a healthy giver without reverting to her codependent tendencies?


Rebecca is a career teacher and is exhausted. She doesn't know whether she can commit two more years to teaching, or whether to just retire and wait tables at a restaurant. How can she delegate some work at home to ease her burnout?


Lynn is stuck. She's having unresolved conflicts with her husband about multiple viewpoints on issues. When she tries to work through it, he just chalks it up to having different perspectives. How do they come to an agreement and not leave things unresolved?


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