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The Podcast

Feb 23, 2022

On this episode of The Dr. Cloud Show:


Question: Could you explain cognitive dissonance?


Question: What is protective structure?


Marie isn't sure if she's enabling her brother. He's living out of a van but he's got a job. What plan could she put into place to assist him without creating dependency?


Kris's family of origin has trouble controlling their anger. The blow up all the time. She's forgiven them but it keeps happening. How can she deal with them in a positive manner when tempers flare? She wants to respond rather than react to their outbursts.


Question: How do you best confront someone who gets very easily offended and defensive? They then use multiple techniques to avoid the issue and get you off track in the conversation so you never get things solved.


Question: I need to get over my fears and my racing heart. I overthink when I need to discuss something with my husband, whether it's about a lie, or if I need to tell him about my daughter's problems. What is the best way to get over this?


Mariana has mom that keeps overstepping with advice about to parent her kids. How can she set a boundary with her mom about unsolicited advice? Whenever she confronts her, her mom stonewalls her.


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