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The Podcast

Feb 21, 2022

On this episode of The Dr. Cloud Show:


Julie's family left their church a year ago and started attending a new church remotely. They're ready to start attending a church locally but don't know what they're looking for. How do they start their search?


Question: If triangulation is an issue in my family of origin, how do I resolve it? I am the one everyone talks about. What do I do?


Question: Is couples therapy considered Triangulation?


Cindy has a triangulation question. She has a family business with her husband and son. She's constantly playing the mediator in their disputes. How can she get out of this role?


Question: What do you know about people that smoke marijuana--mentally, physically and emotionally? Some friends and family think it doesn't bother them in anyway.


Claire is a youth pastor. She's been setting boundaries and making new friends. Her new friends keep pressuring her into drinking and she keeps saying no, but they won't listen. What can she do next?


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