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The Podcast

Jan 31, 2022

On this episode of The Dr. Cloud Show:


How do you trust someone if you never know when they're telling the truth? Can you look at facts and actions instead?


Florence has forgiven her mom for how she was treated as child, but her mom hasn't really changed. She's not sure how forgiveness works. Should she just sweep this under the rug or is there a different path to forgiving her that will lead to some changes?


Robin is internalizing her anger with her dysfunctional bosses. they make a big deal out of small problems, and don't pay attention to pressing issues. Is there a better way to bring up her concerns without causing a backlash?


What do you do when your parents tell you that you don't love them unless you do what they say?


A viewer wrote in: How do I rebuild trust with my husband? He was addicted to pornography. How can she learn to trust herself too?


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